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 Do you have an insane work schedule that leaves you little to no time to write your article or book? Now, you can—without sacrificing other pursuits and commitments that require your full attention. Delegate the task to an experienced ghostwriter who  can manifest your vision in your voice.


You have arrived at a secure writing venue,  where all your ideas will be artfully and cogently expressed, where your voice, style, and message take precedence, and where you can finally make inroads by demonstrating your experience and knowledge in your chosen profession—in the written word!

You know that you have come to right place when you speak with GMG Ghostwriting Services regarding your vision. You need not pre-prepare a manuscript—or even have notes (though the latter will be useful in formulating a strategy). Freely present your idea and witness it take shape—without struggle or waste of time.


Your voice and style will magically appear on the page as if you have spent hours working on your text. Your knowledge is your brand and subject matter. No one knows your field quite like you. Therefore, your watershed ideas must come to light in the manner you intend—and no one else—reflected in unique, quality content. Let me assist. I write for small and large businesses that have garnered six-figure incomes as a result of my intervention. Words matter and quality of expression will bring immeasurable value to your business.


Our Approach

I believe in a client-centric approach. While I focus on outcomes, my primary concern throughout the writing process is to reflect my clients’ ideas and intentions. 

The ‘hard sell’ is not part of my agenda. Instead, I take time to understand my clients’ objectives and implement them to the fullest extent. In this way, I establish a rapport and get to know the clients’ voice and message.

Although it helps have actual knowledge of the underlying subject matter, my approach conduces to a heightened understanding of the clients’ businesses, such that I become versed and familiarized with a given subject through conceptualization. The writing ultimately reflects that in-depth knowledge.

Turning your ideas into substantive written content. Your vision is my mission.

Gabriella M. Gafni, J.D.

Allow me to write for you.